Monday, May 18, 2015

The Farmer and the Clown

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Two words: Surprisingly sensitive.  I loved this wordless book that tells the story of a lost little circus clown and the farmer who takes him in.  As a teacher coming to the end of another school year, this struck me as a beautiful analogy telling the plight of a teacher and a student.  We take in our students, no matter where they come from.  We try to get to know them with out all the coverings.  We teach them new skills and they teach us a few.  Then we say goodbye to them. And there is always a new monkey to take in and teach.  If you need a good teacher gift for the end of the year, this book would touch any teacher's heart.

This is a wonderfully done rendition of the book with words added and narrated by a young British person.  Even though Marla Frazee, the author/illustrator, did not include words in the book, this video by Kids Rule! is very touching.  You can watch the video her and check out the book from your local library.

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