Friday, May 15, 2015

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

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I suppose that I am celebrating Children's Book Week and National Library Week a little late, but why only one or two weeks for libraries?  Miss Moore Thought Otherwise is a wonderful biography of Annie Carroll Moore, the original champion of children's libraries and children's books.  If not for her insistence that children needed to be able to read and check out quality literature, many of our jobs would look quite different.  My students were incensed by the idea that they would not be able to check out a book, or even enter a library, in the not so distant past.  Read this book to learn more about the history of children's libraries and books in America, and to meet about a true champion of her cause.  Check out the author's website for the book at

On the site you can write about your own library memory and help support children's libraries all across the nation. Happy Children's Library Week, every week!

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