Friday, February 5, 2016

OTTER Award Reading

Here are a few of the transitional chapter books that I have been reading for possible nominees for the 2017 OTTER Award.

Mudball Molly

The Hound Hotel is a dog grooming and day care center, and Alfie is the kid who gets to live there.  When Molly shows up, she really needs a grooming for her owners' wedding, but she is not going anywhere near a bath, a brush, or even a hose if she has anything to do with it. It becomes Alfie's job to get her clean or he will have to be the flower girl!  A romping story with just enough characters and fun to keep kids interested and reading.

Archie wakes up at midnight thinking that he is finally going to ride along the streets of his town with his father in his old broken-down taxi, a kind of "Take Your Kid to Work" night.  He is eight years, eight months, and eight days old, which is the day that he can finally ride along with his dad.  Archie has no idea what adventures he is going to have, including worm holes, aliens, talking cats, spy rings and an invitation to fight crime! The action doesn't stop in this fun ride along into space.  With a easy to follow story line and interesting characters, I think that students will want to follow Archie in to space on another adventure when they are done.

Mo Jo Cover Lr

Meet Mo and Jo, two silly cave boys who just can't seem to figure out what is making some horrible smell in their cave.  Together they try to solve their problems through two to three word sentences, spoken like real cave people, while a narrator uses easy sentences to tell the reader about the action in the story.  The book is very easy to read, almost too easy for the OTTER Award, but would be perfect for those students wanting an introduction to the chapter book or graphic novel format.

Happy Reading!!

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