Thursday, February 18, 2016

More OTTER Award Reading

I am getting very excited about the OTTER Award for Washington State.  I hope that we can put together a great list that is both worthy of reading and kid-friendly.

Here are a few more titles that I read this week with the transitional chapter book reader in mind.

Haggis and Tank are a couple of dog buddies up for adventure.  They use their imaginations to create a pirate adventure that is a lot of fun.  The author works in a few homophones, like tale and tail, to create humor.  I thought the jokes were clever, but I worry that my students will not grasp the meaning.  Yet, at the end, the author includes questions for the reader about the homophones and explains what they are - nice teaching resource.

Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi, two greats in children's literature, get together to tell the story of the unusual friendship that develops between Flea, a professional flanuer, and Diva, a professional homebody. Flea wanders the streets of Paris in search of whatever is around the corner, and Diva is afraid to even look around the corner, but when Flea happens by Diva's courtyard, they learn to appreciate each other and become friends.

Have you ever wondered where all those cryptids live, and why we never see them?  In this book we find out that they work very hard to stay hidden from humans.  We would ruin their way of life and make a spectacle of them, so Blizz (the yeti) and the other Bigfeet are working hard to stop George Vanquist from getting proof that they exist.

My students have been checking out these books like crazy.  If you want to read them, please visit your library or shop at your local bookstore.

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