Friday, September 11, 2015

First Week of School Blues

Image result for so many books to read
Image result for so many books to read
With total honesty, I have to admit that I made it through a week and a half of school and have yet to finish even one book. My big plans of blogging about the books that I read every week have already been squashed by the complete lack of time and energy I have. The first weeks of school are so hectic, that reading becomes almost the last thing on my list, and that is so sad! I miss my luxurious summer days where I had time to read and enjoy.  I tell my students to check out books, read them and enjoy what they are reading, and I can't even find the time to finish one book.  I sincerely hope that things will calm down to a dull roar soon.  I did take the time to read Donalyn Miller's Scholastic Book Fair Reader Leaders post, and felt a tiny bit better knowing that I am not the only one feeling this way.  If you too are feeling overwhelmed and under-read, check out her post and make a commitment to read this weekend.  I know that is my goal!

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