Monday, June 8, 2015

The Terrible Two

Do you hear the cows?  Well, if you were in Yawnee Valley, you would!  And now ace prankster extraordinaire, Miles Murphy, has moved to Yawnee Valley.  He needs to keep up his prankster image and prove to his new classmates that he is the one to look out for on April 1st or any other day of the year.  Only there is a slight problem when he arrives at school, and the greatest prank in Yawnee Valley history is sitting on the steps of the Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy.  How will Miles prove he is the greatest prankster?  Who is the competition?  How will he ever get away with anything as long as Niles Sparks, the biggest brown-noser in the school, keeps following him around like a lost puppy?

Don't tell anyone, but The Terrible Two have their own top secret website.  You can go here to visit it, but don't let anyone know that I told you, especially not Miles or Niles...

Terrible Two
And don't click on this cow.  You won't get redirected anywhere that you might want to go.

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