Thursday, March 17, 2016

What about that OTTER Award?

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The Washington Library Media Association, or WLMA, is sponsoring a new Washington State award - The OTTER Award.  As a member of the newly formed committee, I have been reading transitional chapter books from the last two years as often as possible.  Also, I have been working on our new website - - where you will be able to find information about the award and list of the nominees for 2017 after April 23.

Here are a few more possible titles:

Image result for like carrot juice on a cupcake

In this quiet story, Eleanor deals with new friends, stage fright, dog discipline, and honesty issues.  A new girl moves to her class, and Eleanor's best friend, Pearl, becomes Ainsley's new friend.  Eleanor has a difficult time sharing her best friend, and takes it out on everyone from Ainsley to her own family.  To make matters worse, Eleanor's dog is sent off to Doggy Boot Camp, which may be Eleanor's fault.  Matthew Cordell's illustrations are wonderful and add just enough to the story to help the transitional reader make connections to the text.

Image result for dragon masters

This is the first in a fast moving, magical series set in the Kingdom of Bracken.  Drake is a simple farm boy, who is one day picking onions and the next training a dragon.  He did not know that dragons, wizards, or magical stones existed until he is taken to King Roland's dungeon and sees all of these unbelievable sights for himself.  Then he finds out that he has been chosen to train a dragon, along with three other chosen children.  Together they are the Dragon Masters, and their adventures begin.  Illustrations and text spacing make this an easy to read and follow story, and I believe that the story will be appealing to many students.

Check out these books at your library or find them at your local bookseller.

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