Friday, November 15, 2013

What is Mrs. Hodges reading this week?

I am so excited about some of the books I read this week!

First, I just finished Mockingbird, by Katherine Erskine.  Even though the story of Caitlin and her father is heartbreaking as they deal with the sudden death of her brother, Caitlin's persistence in finding closure is inspiring.  You can find a trailer here for Mockingbird.  This book is a nominee for the Washington State Sasquatch Reading Award for 2014.  Many of the students at Jefferson are taking the Sasquatch Reading Challenge by reading all twelve nominees on the list.  That is a huge accomplishment!

Second, I have been picking up unfamiliar picture books this week and reading them.  I have challenged myself to take the time to read one new picture book a day, and I found a great one this week.  It is titled, A Book, by Mordicai Gerstein.  The readers of this book meet a family that lives inside the book, and a little girl who is trying to find her story.  She searches through all different genres trying to locate her own story.  What a great way to teach or learn about types of fiction!  You can check out Mordicai Gerstein at his website,

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